Since Borilli’s Italian ancestors came to Brazil back in 1800’s, the connection between the two countries has never been broken. More than a century later, when they first started their tire shop back in 1983, something was telling them that their journey would mean a lot to the motorcycle market. Not only because their desire to do their best, or their ambition to grow, but also because of the responsability they hold to ensure their client’s safety while they are riding a motorcycle. Borilli has grown thanks to an honest and transparent relationship with their clients and their needs, as well as their commitment with high performance off road tires manufacturing. In 2020, Borilli’s return to Europe has become a reality as they started Borilli operations in Italy. Nowadays, Borilli is the number one off road tire manufacturer in Brazil, gaining substantial market share in Latin America and also exporting its products to several countries in the european continent. Each tire they produce embodies the legacy and values of the family. They are a passionate group that is building a responsible future through the sport and high performance competition. One that never settles for anything less than perfection.

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Industrias Galfer is a leading manufacturer of friction materials and components for braking systems for the motorcycling and bicycle sectors. Since our company was founded in 1952, we have been known for being at the forefront of innovation, quality and organization. Today we link our experience and tradition to new technologies, cutting-edge materials and the most advanced management systems. To stay at the forefront of the market and to get to know in depth the needs for the industry, the R&D department at GALFER works closely with top-level competition teams of MotoGP World Championship, SBK, Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, Trial, Supermotard.

The high level of its performance and the consequent constant growth that the brand has undergone internationally over the years has allowed the brake system specialist Galfer to become a reference in the market as a synonym of technological innovation, reliability and high product quality standards.

Galfer is today the number one choice of important teams and riders in the international motorcycle racing scene with an enviable palmares of twelve world titles won in 2020.

All our products are strictly tested for quality to guarantee its safety. We are so committed with quality regulations that our quality controls exceed the ECE R-90 standards. GALFER business philosophy is based on the values that led us to become a world leader in braking systems. There’s only a thing that our brakes cannot stop: the speed at which we enter the future.

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