A programme of anti-doping briefing sessions for FIM World Rally-Raid and FIM EnduroGP riders were staged in Portugal at the beginning of April as part of the ongoing FIM Ride True campaign, with one hundred and fifty riders in attendance. The FIM conducted the briefings with the objective of preventing inadvertent doping among riders with an emphasis on the core values of the sport, creating awareness about dangerous prohibited drugs and supplements and protecting the health and careers of the participants.

The briefing for FIM World Rally-Raid Championship competitors was held in conjunction with FIA W2RC competitors in Grândola. Separate sessions were held two days later in Fafe for competitors in the Junior, Youth, Women, EnduroGP and Open classes of the FIM EnduroGP World Championship. The briefings were broken down into four separate one-hour sessions designed to be interactive, engaging and tailored to the needs of riders. Essential topics relating to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations included prohibited substances, methods and nutritional supplements along with Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE). Also covered were the potential consequences of inadvertent doping.

The interactive nature of these sessions allowed riders to actively participate and ask questions in order to gain a deeper, solid understanding of the significance of anti-doping measures and as a result become empowered to make informed decisions in and out of competition.

Carla Alvarenga, Managing Director of EnduroGP Promoter Prime Stadium, stated: “As a promoter, we value anti-doping policies to uphold fair play and integrity in our sport. Doping not only undermines the principles of fair competition but also poses serious health risks to riders. By eliminating doping, we prioritise the well-being of our competitors while ensuring that success is achieved through natural talent and hard work. Together with the FIM, we are committed to fostering a clean and fair sporting environment, free from the harmful effects of doping.”

David Castera, Motor Sports Director at Amaury Sport Organisation confirmed: “While it is necessary to organise controls to combat doping in sport, we believe that information and education are even more important. We are delighted with this initiative by the FIM and FIA and remain available to repeat the experience and relay the message.”