The stage is almost set for the 2021 Borilli FIM Enduro World Championship opener.


With all eyes set to turn to Marco de Canaveses in Portugal for round one of the 2021 series, after a lengthy off season, competitors, teams and organisers are all fired up to get the season underway.

As hosts of the spectacular and dramatic 2020 season finale, Motor Clube do Marco, the city of Marco de Canaveses and its surrounding mountains are set to deliver an equally outstanding race to open the 2021 championship.

As event race director Bianchi Prata explains, riders can expect an old fashioned enduro…

Bianchi, With the opening round of the 2021 championship closing in fast, how are things looking in Portugal?

Bianchi Prata: “It’s a real honour for Motor Clube do Marco to host the opening round of the 2021 Borilli FIM Enduro World Championship. There’s always lots of excitement surrounding round one – new teams, riders and goals. Everyone has high expectations, but we’re confident that we’ll do a good job. We have the experience, a great hard-working motor club and the city of Marco de Canaveses supports us 100 per cent, which is really important.”

Portugal always rewards riders with spectacular EnduroGP races, what can they expect to find in Marco de Canaveses?

“Our race is going to be tough. We feel enduro has to be tough – not impossible, but tough. And we can achieve that in Marco de Canaveses. Riders can expect an old fashion enduro that’s demanding both physically and technically. We have 80 per cent new trails with new special tests and technical sections for the riders.”

Will the change in season play a factor?

“Yeah, the weather is sure to play a factor. Normally we can expect rain if we run early or late in the year. With the championship starting later this year due to the Covid situation, it’ll be hot and dusty. We’ve worked super hard to have the special tests near a water source so we can keep dust to a minimum. But the liaisons won’t be like that, so riders must be prepared to deal with the dust.”

How will the event format run?

“We will have three laps for the EnduroGP guys, and each lap will have four special tests. We begin with the Super Test in the city on Friday and then it features as a test per lap each day. The Cross Test will be in Tuias, close to Marco de Canaveses, and the fastest riders should take around seven minutes to complete it. From there the riders will have a technical liaison to the Enduro Test with Roman roads and hard technical parts. The Enduro test is 100 per cent new. It’s fast, but all natural. We just cut the trail in and left the ground as we found it. The Extreme Test takes place in the same area as last year, but with a different layout. Those classic, typically Portuguese rock slabs and boulders will be awesome to watch riders on. The total length of the course is 52 kilometres.”

Unfortunately, we won’t have spectators present at round one, but has that allowed you to focus on creating a race tailored to the riders?

“It’s not easy to organise a race during this pandemic. We’d love to see the tests lined with spectators, but it’s not possible for that to happen yet. Instead, we’re focused on delivering something that the competitors will really enjoy. We’re sure it’ll be a great opener to the 2021 season.”

The opening round of the 2021Borilli FIM Enduro World Championship takes place in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal on June 18-20.