As preparations continue ahead of the upcoming 2021 FIM Enduro World Championship, the FIM has moved to simplify the current race competitor numbering system. Here’s the info…

Intended to place added emphasis and prestige on the championship’s Enduro 1, Enduro 2, Enduro 3, Enduro Junior 1, Enduro Junior 2 and Enduro Youth classes, all competitors will us single and double digit numbers together with different coloured backgrounds.

Riders competing in the full championship can choose their number during the registration in the entry system. Already registered numbers are blocked by the system and cannot be chosen again.

All digits of the allocated racing number must figure on the number plates of each bike (front and sides). Where a rider has their allocated number on their riding jersey/shirt it must correspond with the number shown on their bike’s number plates.

For E1, E2, E3, EJ (J1, J2) and EY: The numbers will be allocated from N°2 to N°99 for riders regardless of the class. Priority is given to the EGP riders. The riders registered for single races, will have numbers from N°101 to N° 199.

For EW: The numbers will be allocated from N°401 to N°499.

For Enduro Open: The numbers for Enduro Open 2S (O2) will be allocated from N°501 to N°599. The numbers for Enduro Open 4S (O4) will be allocated from N°601 to N°699. The numbers for Enduro Open Senior (OS) will be allocated from N°701 to N°799.

Each organiser will allocate the numbers 200, 300 and 800 to the National Championship and 900 to the National Cup. (If any).

Number Plate: The designs of the number plate with logos will be communicated at a later stage.