Despite the potential problems linked to the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the economy, the privateer riders showed up in large numbers for the second season of the Champion Enduro Open World Cup. Let’s check out what went on at the first two rounds of the season in Réquista (France) and Spoleto (Italy)…

In Open 2-stroke, Gonçalo REIS (P – KTM) quite simply started 2020 as he had finished 2019; with a relentless four wins out of a possible four in France and Italy. Riding a KTM this year, the experienced rider from Portugal has once again proven his speed and skill, and is already 20 points ahead of his first rival Robert FRIEDRICH (CZ – KTM).
Another Portuguese rider, Gonçalo SOBROSA (Beta), was on strong form during these two weekends and he now holds third position in the standings just 4 points behind the Czech. He is tied on points with Britain’s Samuel DAVIES (KTM).
Finally, a third Portuguese representative, Ricardo WILSON (Beta) closes the Top 5.

Open 4-Stroke: Belgian Boom!

As for the Open 4-Stroke, the Belgian pairing of Damiaens DIEGTER (KTM) and Mathias VAN HOOF (Husqvarna) left everyone in their tracks and shared the spoils. In the GP of France it was DIEGTER, and in Italy VAN HOOF! There’s nothing to choose between the compatriots heading into the back-to-back rounds in Portugal. 
Behind them, the Spaniards Benet GOMEZ (Honda) and Jorge PARADELO RODRIGUEZ (Husqvarna) went blow for blow during these two races and the advantage goes to the Honda rider by just one point ahead of his compatriot!
Amiable Italian Andrea BELOTTI (I – KTM), meanwhile, is in 5th position ahead of Matteo DE GAVARDO (P – KTM) and Filipe OLIVEIRA (P – Husqvarna).

Finally, among the Senior class, there are three riders covered by just 11 points: Arnaud ADAM (F – Honda), Duccio GRAZIANI (I – Beta) and David MARTINEZ CORBALAN (E – KTM). It is the Italian who takes the lead of the provisional standings with 69 points ahead of the Span-iard and the Frenchman. Indeed, GRAZIANI showed great consistency throughout the four days of racing.
Sweden’s Patrik ANDERSSON (Yamaha) is getting closer to the Senior podium and he could even have got there in Italy if ex-EnduroGP rider Alessio PAOLI (I – Hu-sqvarna) hadn’t shown up and won both days in Spoleto! It’s now the legendary Italian who brings up the rear in the Top 5, so we’re hoping to see him again in Portugal!

These first back-to-back races of the season have shown that Gonçalo REIS re-mains the man to beat in the Open 2-Stroke class, while everything remains un-decided in the other two categories … stay tuned!

Provisional Classification:

Open 2-Stroke : 1. Gonçalo REIS 80pts ; 2. Robert FRIEDRICH 60pts; 3. Gonçalo SOBROSA 56pts; 4. Samuel DAVIES 56pts; 5. Ricardo SAMUEL 38pts…

Open 4-Stroke: 1. Damiaens DIEGTER 74pts; 2. Mathias VAN HOOF 74pts; 3. Benet GOMEZ 54pts; 4. Jorge PARADELO RODRIGUEZ 53pts; 5. Andrea BELOTTI 46pts…

Open Senior: 1. Duccio GRAZZIANI 69pts; 2. David MARTINEZ CORBALAN 65pts ; 3. Arnaud ADAM 58pts ; 4. Patrik ANDERSSON 48pts; 5. Alessio PAOLI 40pts…